Why a keyboard protector is so important

Every day, it is unavoidable for us to touch countless surfaces with our fingers that are contaminated with viruses and bacteria, many of which end up on our keyboards.

Microscopically small - large risk potential

You can’t see them, nor can you smell them, but every time our fingers touch the letters of a laptop,notebook,> or PC keyboard, we come into contact with thousands of viruses and bacteria. Some of them can be dangerous. According to current research, nearly one-third of all computer keyboards in hospitals are contaminated with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus germs (MRSA). We offer you an excellent solution in terms of hygienic prevention with our various keyboard protection models.

Invest in product quality - it's worth it.

Our keyboard protection models are produced in Germany, with the greatest care and under the strictest environmental conditions. This ensures a consistently high product quality. In comparison to supposedly cheap offers from the Far East which have to be replaced after just a few months, our inexpensive keyboard protection models “Made in Germany” are often in continuous use for years.

Protect yourself from disease-causing germs

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