Protect keyboards from dirt, oil and grease

Craftspeople rely on keyboard protection

Computers are also used in the skilled trades on a daily basis and are an indispensable part of everyday life for most tradespeople. Be it to do business correspondence or in production, on the construction site or in the workshop.
It is important to rely on the highest quality with the special requirements of a craftsperson’s workplace. Keyboards in particular – they are exposed to increased stress when they come into contact with dirt, dust and liquids. Our keyboard protection films offer effective protection even under high exposure.

Keyboard protection on the road and in the workshop

Depending on the craft, cleanliness at the workplace cannot always be guaranteed. People often work on the road or in a dirty work environment. You should be able to rely on all components of the computer system. Dirt or liquids in the keyboard can suddenly cause the PC system to stop functioning. Replacements are then often not immediately available. Nothing is more annoying than having to interrupt work for a longer period of time “only” because of a broken keyboard. A keyboard protection film or an all-around protected keyboard will help to avoid such failures enormously.

Our keyboard protectors can significantly extend the life of a keyboard!

In a craftsman’s workshop, keyboards are constantly exposed to dust, grease, oil or liquids. Cover your keyboards with our professional films and greatly reduce the susceptibility to repair. For extremely stressed environments, we offer an all-around protected keyboard.

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