Our keyboard protection films - Made in Germany

There are many good reasons for us to produce our keyboard protection films in Germany:

Keyboard protection films manufactured according to German quality and environmental standards.

It was clear from the beginning that we would produce our keyboard protection films in Germany. It was important to us to avoid producing cheap products ignoring environmental or occupational health & safety regulations. Our goal is to offer you the best keyboard protection products on the market. We are sure that this is only possible with keyboard protection films “Made in Germany”.

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Polyurethane keyboard protection films

Our keyboard protection films are made from residue-controlled polyurethane. Polyurethane is an ultra-resistant material that can be easily cleaned with a wide variety of disinfectants, such as isopropanol, sterilium and dismozone.

Our keyboard protection films have short transportation distances

We decided to produce our keyboard protection films in Germany not only because of our high-quality standards. We also want to keep the transport routes as short as possible. In addition, we are taking appropriate compensatory measures to ensure that our keyboard protection films can be produced in a climate-neutral manner in the near future.

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