Ultra-resistant polyurethane material

A raw material with superior material properties that contribute significantly to the comfort of our keyboard protection films.

Bild: Materialstruktur-langlebig-nachhaltig

Material makes the difference

The material from which keyboard protection films are made of plays a crucial role in their quality. Cheap products, usually made in the Far East under questionable conditions, are oftentimes made out of silicone or similar materials, which is unsuitable for durable and comfortable protection of keyboards.

Octoflex keyboard protection films made of ultra-resistant polyurethane - durable and sustainable.

Our customers have the highest demands on Octoflex keyboard protection films. To meet them, we use ultra-resistant polyurethane. It can be cleaned and disinfected with many different agents. It does not contain silicone compounds, polybrominated diphenyl ether, halogens or latex.

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