Keyboard protection = employee protection

Keyboard protectors in order to protect public health

Screen workstations have become the hallmark of the modern “digital” workplace. Computers, tablets and smartphones have become indispensable in the networked world of work. The Workplace Ordinance regulates the safety and
health protection of employees in workplaces and
contains requirements for the humane design of

Shift change = protective film change

In public facilities, workstations are often used by several employees in alternating shifts. It would be time-consuming and insufficient to clean and disinfect the keyboard for each new shift. In addition, there is some keyboard damage risk resulting from frequent cleaning due to possible liquid penetration. The solution is to have a personal keyboard protector for each employee, which is put on at the start of each shift.

Bild: Tastaturschutzfolie-kaum-spuerbar

Protection for almost all keyboard models

Implement the Workplace Ordinance to protect the health of employees in a professional and sustainable manner. Our films meet the highest quality standards and are manufactured in Germany. They are available to fit almost all keyboard models from almost every keyboard manufacturer. We also have the capabilities to produce the films individually if the order quantity is large enough.


Protect your employees

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