Hygienic risk

Scientific studies show that unprotected computer keyboards are contaminated by a wide variety of bacteria and viruses, endangering your health. Only professional keyboard protection films provide reliable protection against them.

Hygienic risk in the workplace

For keyboards used by various people, such as at workplaces in hospitals, police stations, laboratories, workshops, manufacturers and other offices or stores, the level of contamination is correspondingly higher, posing potentially serious health risks.

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OCTO-flex keyboard protection – Made in Germany

OCTO-flex antibacterial keyboard protection films are completely antiviral-effective & offer a very high antibacterial efficiency!

OCTO-flex keyboard protection - The certificates

Our precise-fitting antibacterial films with high typing comfort have been tested and certified by the Ostthüringische Materialprüfgesellschaft für Textil und Kunststoffe mbH. (East-Thuringian Material Testing Company for Textiles and Plastics mbH)

The certificates verify the high performance of our product development.

Determination of antibacterial activity according to ISO 22196:2011

Determination of antiviral activity based on ISO 21702

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Cleaning does not help

The regular cleaning of keyboards with disinfectants or damp cloths is too superficial and gives a false sense of security. Bacteria, mold and viruses are not completely eliminated!

The keyboard may become irreparably damaged if the cleansing is not done properly, e.g., if too much liquid is used and penetrates the keyboard.

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Avoid hygienic risk

How can I avoid the hygienic risk of computer keyboards?

The best protection against hygienic risk posed by computer keyboards, can be avoided by the use of one of the following:

  • All-around keyboard protector
  • A new high-quality keyboard purchased in a set including a custom-fit flex keyboard protector film
  • A custom-fit keyboard protector film for your keyboard


The custom-made keyboard protection film for your keyboard
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Protect your keyboard from dirt, unwanted germs and damage!

Keyboard protection solutions for all cases

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The custom made keyboard protection film for your keyboard.

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All-around protected keyboard - waterproof according to IP68.

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You need an all-around (360°) sealed and IP68 certified keyboard?

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KEY-Protect is suitable for use in the clinical area as well as in laboratories, public institutions and in the industry and is available from a unit price of € 37,80.

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