Keyboard protection:
hygiene in the workplace!

  • easy to clean keyboard protection film
  • antiviral & antibacterial effective (certified)
  • increased keyboard operating lifetime
  • fitting keyboard cover for any keyboard type
  • keyboard protection – resistant & disinfectable


Can keyboards endanger your health?

Scientific studies show that unprotected computer keyboards are contaminated by a wide variety of bacteria and viruses after only a short time of being used. However, regular keyboard sanitizing is very time-consuming and could cause irreparable keyboard damage if not done properly.

OCTO-FLEX keyboard protection solutions have a highly effective permanent protective film that effectively protects against viruses and bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli. You can view the test certificates for this here.

OCTO-FLEX keyboard protection solutions prevent bacterial invasion and other contaminants from entering the keyboard, where they could otherwise spread without being detected.

OCTO-FLEX keyboard protectors

We manufacture high-quality, durable and long-lasting polyurethane keyboard protection films for a wide range of input devices such as PC keyboards, notebooks, keyboards for people with handicaps, cash registers and specialty keyboards. Each key is precisely wrapped so that the typing experience is influenced as little as possible.


The custom made keyboard protection film for your keyboard.

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All-around protected keyboard - waterproof according to IP68.

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You need an all-around (360°) sealed and IP68 certified keyboard?

Then our KEY-Protect is exactly what you need!

KEY-Protect is suitable for use in the clinical area as well as in laboratories, public institutions and in the industry and is available from a unit price of € 37,80.

The advantages
of OCTO-FLEX keyboard protection solutions
at a glance.

Hygienic risk due to bacteria, viruses and mold.

Several studies have shown that some computer keyboards are highly contaminated with bacteria. Eating at the PC, dust particles and unclean hands after using the restroom are reasons for the spread of bacteria and viruses onto the keyboard.
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polyurethane material

The polyurethane we use does not contain any polybrominated diphenyl ethers nor silicones and is free of halogens and latex.
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Custom-fit protection film for your keyboard

Octo-Flex keyboard protectors are available in over 1000 varieties – custom-made for the perfect fit on your keyboard.
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Quick and easy cleaning

Our keyboard protection films can be sanitized with a wide variety of cleaning agents. Amongst other agents, they are resistant to isopropanol, sterilium and dismozone.


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Accurate operation without limitations

We make sure that you can use your keyboard without any limitations even while using a keyboard protection film. We have an accurately-fitting keyboard protection film for almost every keyboard type in our portfolio.

Key-Protect ensures IP68 protection

Our OCTOFLEX Key-Protect model is designed for special work environments, offers complete dust & water resistance and IP68 class protection.
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We produce our keyboard protection films in the absolute highest possible quality. After all, the longer their life span, the more sustainable our products truely are.
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In use everywhere it matters

Due to the excellent material properties and the outstanding product quality, our keyboard protection films are suitable for permanent use, especially in areas with high requirements and intensive use.


In hospitals, it is essential to provide an infrastructure that is as sterile as possible. We make an important contribution to achieving this with our keyboard protection films.


Medical Practice & Pharmacy

Cleanliness also has the highest priority in medical practices and pharmacies. This is basically unachievable without our keyboard protection films.


Many different substances are examined in laboratories. This must take place in a sterile environment in order not to distort measurement results through the possible exposure to foreign materials



Keyboards are contaminated by a wide variety of viruses and bacteria. We recommend the use of our keyboard protection films to protect your employees.


In workshops, keyboards have to endure a considerable amount of wear and tear. Our keyboard protection films offer reliable protection against dust, dirt and oil. They are very durable and will protect your keyboard.

Public institutions

Keyboards that are operated by various people must be protected at all costs. This is the only way to ensure the demanded hygiene.

What customers are saying about our keyboard protection solutions

The disinfection of the keyboard protection foils is extremely simple and can be carried out very quickly. Our laboratory employees feel practically no restrictions when writing on the keyboard. We are completely satisfied with your keyboard protection films.

Dr. Stefan S.
Lab owner

Before using Octo-flex keyboard protection films, we had to buy new keyboards once a year due to the heavy contamination by grease and oil. The keyboard protection film protects our keyboards permanently and reliably. A super product.

Frank Zimmermann
Car workshop owner

We have been using several of your KEY-protect keyboards in our hospital for 3 years now. The keyboards are disinfected daily and show no signs of wear. The employees find the keyboard protection neither disturbing nor unpleasant when typing.

C. Hoog
Hospital material supplier
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