Our keyboard protection films - quality "Made in Germany".

The quality differences in keyboard protection films are immense – even if you can’t notice them at first glance.

Every keyboard model needs the right keyboard protection

Even though keyboards look more or less the same, each model has its individual characteristics. The height of the keys, the size and height of the complete keyboard are all aspects that must be precisely accommodated by the keyboard protection film to fit accordingly. This is a key feature that distinguishes high-quality keyboard protection films from universal solutions.

Bild: Tastaturschutzfolie-kaum-spuerbar

The material of the keyboard protection film is an essential quality feature.

We use high-quality and ultra-resistant polyurethane for the production of our keyboard protection films. It ensures full functionality of our keyboard protection products even at extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 degrees Celcius. We only use polyurhetane, which does not contain any halogens, silicones, latex or polybrominated diphenyl ether.

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