many things are necessary for the fourth industrial revolution – including our keyboard protection films


Keyboard protection films secure the process!

Today, almost every manufacturing process is controlled and monitored by means of digital data streams. Keyboards play an essential role as input, control and navigation elements. Every keyboard should be equipped with a keyboard protection film from OCTO-flex to ensure that the process can function as smoothly as possible,

The right keyboard protection for every application

In manufacturing companies, every keyboard should be equipped with a OCTO-flex keyboard protection film. There isn’t hardly any other way to protect keyboards from dust, dirt and liquids in such an inexpensive manner. If the work situation requires particularly secure keyboard protection, our IP68 certified KEY-protect solution can be used.


The custom made keyboard protection film for your keyboard.

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All-around protected keyboard - waterproof according to IP68.

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You need an all-around (360°) sealed and IP68 certified keyboard?

Then our KEY-Protect is exactly what you need!

KEY-Protect is suitable for use in the clinical area as well as in laboratories, public institutions and in the industry and is available from a unit price of € 37,80.

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