Octoflex quality keyboard protection films.

In addition to the manufacturing process and the raw materials used, the functional life of keyboard protection films is also an important factor in terms of environmental compatibility.

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Sustainable keyboard protection films

We produce our keyboard protection films in the best-possible quality. For one, to have a competitive advantage over cheap products, and for another, the longevity of our products is very important to us. The longer the lifespan of a product, the lower the consumption of raw materials.

Keyboard protection films - produced in Germany

The manufacturing location also determines the environmental compatibility of products. We produce our keyboard protection films in the southwest of Germany, in compliance with strict environmental regulations while safeguarding employees’ interests.

Keyboard protection films help reduce electronic waste

Made from ultra-resistant polyurethane, our durable keyboard protectors protect keyboards from wear and tear and can help keyboards last longer. You can proactively help reduce electronic-waste by purchasing our keyboard protection films.

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